Laboratory equipment

The Signal Processing Group has two laboratories. One of them has a separate website Speech Technologies Laboratory C2/420.

The other one is Signal Processing Laboratory. It has a working post dedicated to audio and speech signal processing. It is equipped with:

  • Adobe Audition 1.5, Reaktor 4 i Matlab software,
  • Audiolab typ 8000A amplifier,
  • Pro-Tools with AC/CA converter Digi 001,
  • MEGANE CARAT loudspeaker columns,
  • CTK-551 music stereo signals generator and MIDI driver,
  • Metex MXG-9802 functional generator,
  • acoustic amplifier of Axiom type,
  • system of loudspeaker columns of Spendor type,
  • modules of digital oscilloscope of PCS64i Vellema type.
  • audio interface Lexicon Lambda.
  • audio interface PreSonus Firebox.
  • condenser microphones AKG C200B and Alphard Desktop.
  • wireless set AKG WMS-40 PRO.

A research stand for image analysis and processing is equipped with:

  • Matlab software,
  • system for stereoscopic image couples acquisition (two VHS cameras and the specialized tripod),
  • thermograph scanning camera of V-20 type with software,
  • LCD projector.
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