Research and development detail description

One of the most significant areas of scientific activities are works concerning theoretical issues and the applications of the wavelet theory. Research methods are used, among others for: signal transmultiplexing, signal compression and speech recognition.

Scientific research in the field of computer image processing concern mainly: generating a description of a 3D scene based on stereoscopic image couples, object recognition based on multi-image sets, machine-effective image adjustment algorithms and image transformation systems for industrial needs.

The research concerns telecommunications measurements relating to jitter and phase noise. The most important part of this kind of activities is hardware implementation of analysers on FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) platforms with highly scalable new “flow me” method which allows performing measurements with a view up to streams of the STM-16 type.

Other fields of interest are connected with protocol analysis and digital signal processing for telecommunication networks, devices and services. Due to that re-programmable systems are the key elements of advanced systems, the machine description languages are also the object of research with particular attention put on object-oriented techniques.

There are also works in the field of acoustic signal and image processing with the use of digital transformations, with special consideration to the sampling issue and to SVD/EVD/ICA techniques.

The team has been working on the construction and developing software for microprocessor systems used in the telecommunications and on application of signal microprocessors for digital signal processing: speech, audio and video signals. These works cover also hardware applications. There is also research conducted on final audio signal processing, i.e. compensation of distortions in these systems as well as advanced audio coding compression (AAC, MPEG-4 audio).

Co-operation with medical partners takes place in the area of advanced dialysotherapy both the hemo- and peritoneal dialysis, supported by termography and bioimpedancy analysis.

The works conducted relate to medical image processing, in particular heart USG for clinical applications. They include mainly the methods and systems for hardware image processing acceleration with the application of re-configurable FPGA systems and hardware description languages. The FPGA technology is also employed in development of fast, base-band digital signal processing for EPR spectrography.

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