Development of AGH speech recognition system for Polish SARMATA was stopped in 2017. The latest stable version is ready for basic implementations, such as recognition of a small amount of commands for interfaces (up to 1 000).

The system is based on a number of innovative technologies. Some of them are described in the publications, descriptions of others are not available. From a practical point of view. The program can be adapted both to a particular speaker or run under the general model.

Warsaw Voice about Techmo and Sarmata

 ASR block schema

More precise description of the system is in the paper prepared for system demo.

Below is a video demonstrating the operation of the voice control program SAWA (used by the institutions of justice in Poland to management of court documentation).

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The system was also used to develop Virtual Mouse - software simmulating a computer mouse. It is currently tested.

Authors invite people interested in ASR to contact spin-off company

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