Transcription program of phonemic spelling for the Polish language. The program is base on an algorithm described in the literature (Steffen-Batóg, Nowakowski 1993) and (Demenko 2003) supplemented by additional conversion tables.

Presented demo of the software is its old version (the latest one gives better transcriptions). It can be also used only for single tests, in all modes except the IPA, which does not work in the demo version.

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The program acts as a filter by reading and writing to standard input and output. It is possible to convert to the 5 following phonetic notation:

  • X-SAMPA – international phonetic alphabet, (record all the characters in the ASCII),
  • IPA – international phonetic alphabet, possible to write in Unicode,
  • AGH – AGH internal phonetic alphabet system, is a version of a byte SAMPA record of individual phonemes,
  • PolPhone – modification of the alphabet used in the SAMPA polphone,
  • Corpora – phonetic alphabet used in Polish language corpus tagged by prof. Grocholewskiego.

The program works by default in UTF-8 coding, it can switch into modes: ISO-8859-2, CP-852 and CP-1250.

Authors invite people interested in audio processing technologies to contact spin-off company techmo.pl

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