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Employees of the Signals Processing Team give lectures in following subjects:

  • Digital techniques
  • Operating systems
  • VLSI circuits design
  • Programming languages
  • High level programming languages
  • Modeling and analysis of telecommunication networks
  • Programming methodology and techniques
  • Hardware description languages
  • Processing of Digital Signals
  • Speech Technology
  • Automatic speech recognition (in English)
  • Artificial intelligence in games (in English)
  • Data analysis and pattern recognition
  • Computation and simulation techniques
  • Computer Games (in English)
  • Voice communication and speech technology in interactive systems
  • Signal processing applications
  • Computer and operation systems architectures
  • Signal microprocesors
  • Signal procesors in industrial applications
  • Computer architectures

Materials for students:
Signal Processing, Processing of Digital Signals I/II

Schedule of student classes is available at:

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